DC540 Monday Meetup 11/14: VIRTUAL
Hop into the DC540 Discord on Monday around 1830 Eastern and join in the festivities. We had a fun in-person meeting last week with pizza and beer, and I've got some rearranging to do so I'm calling this week's meetup virtual.

We'll give an update on the ongoing MicroPython & PCB class, we'll talk a little bit of business, maybe talk about Mastodon a bit, and hopefully get to know

Hello I am Kevin I like microcontroller Software Engineering and Reverse Engineering.

DC540's experimental Mastodon node.

In preparation for the Twitplosin, and in recognition that flushing social media is an occasional necessity, we have provided a node for any of our members, friends and adjacents who feel so inclined. You get out of life what you put into it, so...